Still Here

I am alive. I’m in Oregon. I’m surrounded by the people I love, and I’m grateful every day.



Just got back from our first trip back to Texas since the big move. I had Mexican food, went swimming, won $3 in poker, and hugged some of my favorite people. It was an expensive 4 days, but I’m glad I went. 

New Job!

I started my new job with ProKarma on site at Kaiser last week. So far I love it. It’s not quite as challenging as what I was doing before, but it is only 4o hours per week. My goal is to get hired by Kaiser directly so that I can have paid time off, insurance, etc as soon as possible. I am so grateful to have found something before my severance from Sprint ran out.

What’s the Point?

So, confession time. I don’t like playing with dolls. Kari got this girls’ Lego set for her birthday and we built it, and now she wants to play with the two little Lego dolls that came with it. I told her I wanted to play something else after 24 hours of it, and now she wants to play Polly Pockets. Seriously, what is the fun in holding a doll up and pretending to talk to another doll with it, over and over and over again? I am missing some kind of girl gene here.