He’s Reading!

Ian read his first sentence this weekend. He read “Ask for a hat” off of the Steak & Shake menu. And, last night, he asked if he could read his “Fox in Socks” book in bed with a flashlight.  I couldn’t be happier!



They dropped off our new fridge yesterday. It’s out in the garage waiting patiently for moving day. We also had Dalworth out to do the works on our carpet. We still have some repairs, yardwork and packing to do over the next week, and next weekend will bring a garage sale and hired cleaning lady.  Then the house should be on the market April 2nd! Meanwhile, they are making serious progress on the new house, and it should be done May 15th ish.  How exciting!!

I must be doing something right

I’m so proud of my son. He was eating the last chocolate chip cookie today and when he got down to the last quarter or so, he stopped to ask if I wanted a bite. I said sure, and he broke it in half to share with me. VOLUNTARILY! And, as he said when I told him how proud I was, “and I didn’t even put it in my mouth first”.

I am so happy to be raising such a sweet, generous, boy!

And then there was synchronicity!

Things have been going exactly right lately, in a lot of ways. This weekend, we really needed to have some uninterrupted time to load the storage pods, and my mother in law just happened to call and ask if she could watch Ian this weekend. Isn’t that nifty? And, I have recently received a series of small bonuses (one was actually an escrow payout for 2006) that will just about exactly cover our 10 year anniversary trip, the must-haves for the new house (ceiling fan for our room, etc.) and the things we have to have to sell the old house (new turbines, a coat of paint, etc.). I am a little sad that we aren’t receiving way MORE than we need (LOTTERY!!!) but I think it is absolutely neat when the Universe provides for me in such obvious ways. Love it!!

They started framing the house Thursday, so we are newly invigorated in our efforts to get this one on the market. Anyone out there looking for a 1325 sq. ft. house in Ft. Worth, TX? 


A few months back, Ryan and Ian brought me a flower from the grocery store.  I guess they enjoyed the smile it put on my face, and it quickly turned into a tradition. Now they try to bring flowers that will last for a long time with the occasional batch of roses for good measure. I am currently looking at some purple roses, another set of mini roses that are white with purple edges, 6 red roses, a bunch of orange tiger lilies with pink day lilies and carnations mixed in and some gorgeous indogo orchids.  I think I just might be the luckiest girl in the world. 🙂


I just noticed that almost all of my posts say they were posted sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I know that they weren’t, so something must be off with the time stamp on WordPress. So, as an experiment, let’s see what time this one says. It’s currently 2:33am Saturday morning.

Update: It’s 6 hours off but I figured out how to fix it. Now I just have to poke around and find the default time zone setting.